Clients come first.

Over 35 years ago my mom started a tax & accounting firm because she wanted to help people.  After earning my degree I joined her.   Since then we've helped thousands of clients reach their goals.

We've perfected our strategies to include comprehensive financial care so all of our client's needs can be addressed in one seamless service.

Our unique approach combines financial strategy with tax & accounting help and allows us to make sure you don't pay too much in tax or make other financial decisions that can have unwanted consequences.

Everything we do is focused on your goals that we define together. Helping you get what you want always comes first.

My wife Andrea, my daughter Lilly Plum, and our pup Charming are all part of our amazing team.

If you want someone to work alongside you and make "finances" the easiest part of your life, we'd love to chat. 

Fred Gartenlaub | Managing Partner
Garden Leaf Financial Services